The most important boundary you can protect is your spiritual boundaries.  There are a number of spiritual boundaries that are key to keeping yourself sane in this world.

We have all heard the comment or we have all said something and waited for that lightning bolt to strike us.  While this will most likely not happen as a result of some spiritual punishment, the fear has been duly placed in our psyche.  As a result, we need to define our Spiritual Boundaries.

Inner Spiritual Boundaries:

  1. Core Values
  2. Central Belief System
  3. Fundamental Spiritual Structure

External Spiritual Boundaries:

  1. Bad Influence
  2. Bad Habits
  3. Non-Self-Convicted opinion

Each of these areas are as dangerous as the other if you cross them or let them degrade.

Inner Spiritual Boundaries are where we should start.  They can be the most sinister as we ignore them or process them so strong that our own identity lapses into nothing more than a conduit for someone else’s words or beliefs.

Most people have never defined their core values and so have difficulty understanding why they are conflicted or have chaos in their lives.  This is true in life or more specifically in the spiritual lives.  As we define who we are we must also define each area of our life to understand who we are and the boundaries we want to set for ourselves.  This begins with our core values.

These core values create who we are and what we do on a daily basis.  Our true identity is built by what we decide we are going to believe over a lifetime.  These central beliefs shape our choices in jobs, fun and even our mate.  We need to align with the person we are spending time with.

It is a fundamental key to our central belief system.  Those beliefs shape our daily actions and thoughts.  Those thoughts that incriminate us or celebrate the life we lead.  The good and bad we have done are developed in our mind by that belief system.

The key to unlocking these beliefs lie in the Fundamental Spiritual Structure.  This is the structure that we have grown up with and have “learned” to believe and act upon.  Actions over time develop habit and belief in a certain structure.  That structure creates the boundaries that protect us and creates walls that are hard to penetrate.

External Spiritual Boundaries are the ones that we most understand and are affected by until we understand the Inner Spiritual Boundaries.  The external barriers are more easily seen and kept under control because they are visible to everyone.  We HAVE to make a conscious effort to fit in to the crowd or make a special effort to NOT fit in based on those external boundaries.

We are taught when we are young to NOT hang around bad people or bad influences.  However, as we age those boundaries become less restrictive and we need to establish these for ourselves.  The creation of these protections become less guided by authority and more by our convictions.  The external influences of the internet, media, Hollywood and our circle of influence are key to what we allow into our conscious and subconscious minds.  They can influence us in small or large ways.  As much as nutrition affects our physical health, this onslaught of material that we allow our senses to come in contact with directly and indirectly affect our fundamental structures mentally.

As these structures are affected, we in turn create either good or bad habits.  These new structures we allow to be created mold our action set.  Bad habits can be formed from this external attack or our moral fiber.  Forcibly (or consciously) creating those habits that will remain congruent to our core values is critical to maintaining inner-peace and combating the chaos created by NOT doing battle correctly.

What are the effects of crossing these barriers or letting them slide?

The end result of not maintaining proper boundaries is the existence of continual chaos.  This chaos take over our lives given free reign and it takes monumental effort to return to where we left the road.  In another article we talk about chaos.  So, we will not go there in this article.  However, you can read more about chaos here.

What can we do to protect ourselves from these different distractions both inner and external?

  1. The key is to protect them from the outset and not let yourself travel to far down any derogatory path.
  2. Spaced repetition with the good information that you wish to put into your mind.
  3. Daily meditation and focus on the path that you want to travel.
  4. Careful consideration of those whom you choose to associate with.

These steps will create the spiritual freedom that you want and the separation from the troublesome part of your spiritual path.

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