Many people make resolutions at the beginning of the year.  The resolution to “become thin” or “get Healthy” is probably the most common.  Close to those two are the resolutions to “make more money” or “get wealthy”.

All of these are GOOD resolutions.  The problem with them is to a large extent they will become March fodder.  There are many reasons for this:

  1. You just forget.
  2. Life gets in the way.
  3. Some emergency happens.
  4. No support.

The list can go on for days.  What can’t go on for days is the realization that another year has passed and resolutions again have failed.

Here are 8 good ways to ensure that resolutions are kept.  We will discuss them further later in the text:

  1. Don’t make a resolution.  Set attainable goals.
  2. Find a person that WILL hold you accountable, a workout partner.
  3. Make a serious investment in your goal set.
  4. Block specific time on your calendar to address it.
  5. Immerse yourself in the industry that surrounds that goal.
  6. Make a commitment to delay your gratification.
  7. Change your thinking toward the goal.  Think about how you love the result AND the work that produces it.
  8. Reward yourself for the attainment of all minor and major milestones.

Each of these steps is critical to ensuring that you reach the dreams that you have for yourself.  Let’s work through these points and expound on each as we go.

First, it is time for all of us to stop making resolutions and become resolute.  If it isn’t written down, it isn’t a resolution or goal.  Set an attainable set of goals that you can reach and measure.  Ingrain this in your soul.  Setting goals, NOT resolutions, should become a lifestyle.

Next, find someone who will hold you accountable to what you have written down.  Here is the real key to this whole thing.  Find someone who won’t patronize you.  You don’t need a patsy here.  It is key that you find someone who will push you and inspire you to be your very best.  Life is too short for you to waste your time here with someone who will “let” you do whatever you want.  Get someone close to you who will be your drill sergeant and cheer leader.

This is the one where most people suffer, investment.  Spend enough money that it hurts.  You have to make a financial commitment to most goals.  If you need coaching, training or whatever, do it!!!  If you are serious about your goals and your resolutions, you have to be serious with your wallet.  The money will come back in plenty of time.  You only have one lifetime to do anything.  Commit to excellence in all things.

Block out time to work on the achievement.  Now, when I say block out time, I do not mean set aside some time if it exists.  I mean BLOCK the time.  For you to succeed at this thing you are attempting, you need to create space around it.  Time that you can think, plan, do and review all aspects of the thing you are attempting to accomplish.  Time is your MOST important asset.  Do not forget that for you to be helpful to others, you must spend time on yourself and with yourself to become a useful tool to those whom you wish to aid.

Take a look at those around you that have what you want.  Who has the body you want?  Who has the success you want?  Who can teach you the nutritional facts that you need?  Who are the experts and gurus in the industry you are interested in?  What materials are available to read, watch or use?  After you have answered these questions, get involved in the industry.  Immerse yourself in the knowledge of that industry.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions or send e-mails to find out what you need to find out.

Many people attempt to keep up with their neighbors during their work toward their goals.  If you want to really achieve what you set out to attain, you must delay that gratification.  The keep up with the Jones mentality will hinder or block your ability to reach your dreams.  If you have a neighbor who boasts or brags about what they have, avoid them.  It is a form of bullying.  Realize that and move on.  March to YOUR drum, not theirs.  Understand that, that will power that you use during that contact will payoff for many years to come instead of a temporary gratification that is just not worth it.

What is worth it is to think differently about your goal.  Think about how you love the result.  Think about how good the work will feel after you have reached the goal.  Think about every hard thing you have done and accomplished in your life and how it was worth it, (the work that is).  Think about the hardest thing you have ever done.  What did you learn from that experience?  In this world of the 4 hour work week and entitlement all over the place, how tough can it be to stand out, be better or just squash the competition?  Just think differently.

Different people reward themselves differently, so you will have to come up with what is a reward.  A night out with the family;  A night out alone;  A new bike;  A new car;  A ski trip;  A sail boat;  A yacht;  A simple trip to the mountains;  These are all rewards that can be compelling for you.  When you have reached one of these milestones, reward yourself.  This will keep your motivation high and enable you to keep on keeping on, on your road to becoming a resolution buster.

Finally, none of this can be accomplished if you don’t chooose to be a doer.  Choose now to change your life and become who you really can become.  Never stop believing in you.  If you don’t there are only so many who ever will.  There will be times in this process that you will NEED to be selfish.  Cherish the right to do so in order to become what you need to become for yourself and others.  I know that I can count on each of you to become resolution busters this year and make this year your best year ever.

Rob Wheeler

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